Frequently Asked Questions

Q.It is safe to use metal spoon?


Real Honey does not attract ants?

Ans:All honey contain Gloucose,fructose,maltose,sucrose.These are all sugar.Real Honey does attract ant

Q.Why are some honey running or watery and other in more solid state?

Ans:All Honey in it's natural state is running or high vicosity.Creamed honey or honey one's find to be in solid texture are man-made.

Q.Are all the active manuka sold in Singapore true-to-label?

Ans:Audit of correctness or true-to-label active manuka were conducted over the past 10years by UMF Association .Of  the 26 samples collected and retested only less than 8 were true-to-label

Honey World Trading will  send  all it batches of active manuka to be retested in Singapore by AsureQuality (A 100% NZ government owned-company).A commitment to our customer to ensure our active manuka are true-to-label everytime.

.UMF Association seminar in Singapore Article appended below

Saturday, July 30, 2011

UMF Honey Association Announces Singapore Testing Regime

7/26/2011 -- The UMF Honey Association and AsureQuality Singapore have jointly announced the availability of a testing regime to determine non-peroxide activity in Manuka Honey sold in Singapore.

UMF Honey Association General Manager, John Rawcliffe, said the announcement would come as welcome news to consumers in Singapore.

“The new Singapore-based test will ensure that Manuka Honey sold in that country is from New Zealand and true to label - in line with the core industry standard as originally determined by Peter Molan of Waikato University.”…

UMF Active  Manuka

The New Zealand Honey Discovery
In 1981 research at the Honey Research Unit at New Zealand's University of Waikato discovered that some strains of manuka honey have an extraordinary, naturally present, very stable and powerful unique antibacterial activity not found in any other variety of honey.
This special unique activity is over and above the usual active properties of honey.
This special activity sets Manuka Honey apart as one of nature's true wonderfoods.
But this special unique activity is not in all manuka honey.

Helping Consumers Identify Manuka Honey that has the Special Unique Activity
Until recently consumers had no way of knowing the level of quality or authenticity of the Manuka Honey they were buying. Depending on the season and source, honeys can vary in grade and strength. So it has been important to establish a trusted quality standard.
The UMF Honey Association has achieved this by introducing the UMF quality trademark and rating system.

Testing for Authenticity - Protecting Your Rights as a Consumer
To determine if the special antibacterial activity is present in manuka honey each batch must be tested (after packing) in specifically approved laboratories using stringent criteria laid down by the UMF Honey Association.
To test for the unique activity the UMF Honey Association utilises a range of internationally recognised biological and chemical methods in approved laboratories both in New Zealand and internationally.
As part of the testing process every batch of honey must also go through a series of additional checks and supporting programmes to ensure the ultimate in authenticity, quality and safety.
All UMF licence holders are independently audited to meet stringent standards in terms of production, manufacturing, sampling and handling.
The UMF designation and rating is a highly sought-after and well-respected quality trademark.

SummerGlow UMF Manuka Honey (UMF16+ and UMF20+) is totally natural unadulterated manuka honey and complies with the rigorous standards of quality and purity set by the UMF Honey Honey Association. It powerfully supports the body's natural healing process. Genuine UMF Manuka Honey from SummerGlow Apiaries Ltd - Licence Number 1001